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Tetlin Village Council STRIKES AGAIN!

Updated: Mar 5

Tetlin’s leadership, aka the Council, will be meeting after canceling the Annual Membership Meeting for their convenience in January. The unceremoniously said the Membership could convene their election meeting in March. Well, March is here, yet, they have opted for a Council Meeting this coming Tuesday March 5th  instead of announcing the Membership meeting.

Up to now the Council has avoided Tetlin members' repeated demand for financial information. But we will not give up. I and other concerned tribal members are asking for as many members as possible to attend the Council meeting this Tuesday in an orderly fashion. During the meeting our intent will be to peacefully, petition the Council to provide…

  1. a timely date with appropriate notification for our Annual Membership Meeting

  2. copies of Tetlin's TRIBAL ORDINANCES that were updated since 1997, circa 2018 / 2019 with the help of Tanana Chiefs Conference,

  3. the Resolution showing tribal membership approval of the new Ordinances, and

  4. a written response to a public request for Detailed Financial Information,

My it seems that certain current Council members are stalling our elections so they can hold onto power and control as long as they can. However,

Our Council is elected to serve the tribe — not themselves.

There are one or two Council leaders who know their days are numbered. Under Tetlin law, it is in the power of the tribal membership as a voting body to REMOVE any Council member or officer for any justifiable reason… and boy howdy, do we have justifiable reasons.

For now, let’s plan to make a showing at the upcoming Council meeting to let our entitled voices be heard in a peaceful but sincere manner. The current Council will be told... we will hear the truth from them now or from a NEW Council in the near future.

See you all

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 — 11am

at the Titus David Tribal Hall (Community Center) in Tetlin.


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