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Updated: Feb 12

Dear Shareholders, Tetlin Native Corporation's (TNCorp's) Crystal Ball is OUT OF ORDER and we have no other means of finding you.

We need you to contact us to update your records. Married or divorced with a name change? We need to know. Have a new mailing address? New phone number? Let us know or just check in to see if we have a good mailing address for you.

Have an email address but have not received any of our regular notices?

That means you need to email us a message to our General Manager at

TNCorp has retained Dinashay Easton to help us with this important work. She will be making calls and reaching out to shareholders or their family through her social media. Please give her your cooperation.

Our requests for information are public in the hope to reach as many shareholders or their family members as possible. Currently, we will be asking for legal names, birth dates, contact information, and the dates of when a family member who was a shareholder passed. This is for the purpose of transferring shares.

All information you provide us is confidential and used for Corporation records only. 

Please share this announcement with any shareholders you know who may not have internet access.


Please help locate our missing shareholders. If you have family or friends on the list below, please ask them to contact us at (907) 712-7927. Please speak slowly and clearly if you leave a message or email



Adams Wilfred

Baker Berthlyn J.

David Darryl W.

DeFrance Dwayne

Gene Robert C.

Gene Wilbert

Sam Caroline

We look forward to hearing from you, soon.


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