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They can't stop you from VOTING!!!

No surprise that the Council is trying to put the skids to the January 10th meeting, to what is building up to be the largest membership turn-out for elections — maybe ever. Some, not all, of the current leadership may be scared their days are numbered.

Once again the Council has taken the Native Village of Tetlin hostage. To get what they want, they tie our hands. They make new rules, they break old ones. They divide us by saying who or who is not a member, or who can or cannot vote... they CANCEL OUR ELECTIONS.


If the Council members decide not to show up to their own elections, that's on them! This is a time for the MEMBERSHIP to gather and decide on their leadership.

JANUARY 10, 20224



This will be the Meeting of Meeting. Tetlin Members exercised their right to know what the Council and their Administrator have been doing all these years with the millions of dollars that has passed through their hands. They were told in print... bring us documented itemized Financial Reports from the last 4 years”… and what did they do rather than tell us the truth?


They ran FAST and they ran SCARED!

There’s no meeting for you to vote, Tetlin.

WE'RE TOO SCARED we'll lose.

There’s no Financial Reports for you, Tetlin.

We're don't want you to know what we do with your money.

We’re going on an all-expenses paid family vacation, Tetlin.

We’ll see you in the Spring. MAYBE.

Like squirrels looking for places to hide their treasured nuts, the Council and their business administrators are running to find somewhere to bury their secrets — just a little bit longer… just as they have done year after year after year...

When was the last time the Council or the Tribal Administrator has let the Tribe know how a HUD/NAHASDA grant was spent? What about the "COVID Cabins"? Who were they built for and from what funding source? How about the grants for the prevention of violence against our tribe's women? How are our youth program dollars from the Department of Justice being spent? Who has benefitted from these grants? Where does the advance royalties from the mining companies go, their so-called Community Support funds? Where are the receipts, where are the reports? How about...

where did over $5 Million in COVID RELIEF MONEY go in less than 2 years?

Isn’t it time for a few of the squirrels to be kicked out of their trees for hiding acorns that are meant for the whole Tribe to share?

Under the current Council, Tetlin is in trouble, and getting deeper into trouble. Millions in grants have come and quickly and quietly gone while the village of Tetlin and Tetlin members have NOTHING to show for it. With no accountability, Tetlin is also at risk of federal agencies cutting off our funding.

Then, the Tribe has been sold out and fleeced to the bone since 2008. Our land has been pilfered. Without paying a dime in rent, strangers have come in at the invitation of one person. Claimed our land as theirs and cast us off of it. FOR 16 YEARS. 16 years of hearing our old and then our new Chief say....

“This is good for you, Tetlin.

This is good for your children, Tetlin.

This is good for your future, Tetlin!”

Then they jump in their shiny new vehicles, drive to the airport, and enjoy another vacation in the sun because they sold their tribe out.

The strangers? The mining companies, who since 2008 keep digging up our land and more and more them keep coming. Juneau, Contango, Royal Gold, KINROSS, and don't believe they are done with us, either. Not with having land the size of Rhode Island to play with — for no pay.

They made a sweetheart deal with Tetlin's Chiefs, with no input or permission of the Tribal Membership — they say... "Tetlin gave us all of their land — 780,000 acres" for not one red penny in rent as they ravage the land for what they want. All they had to do was pay the Chief to do their bidding while the rest of the tribe went hungry.

Then there are the local interlopers like Joe Young that also makes money off the Council’s weakness, by charging rent for Tetlin’s land from the very people who should be paying the Native Village of Tetlin the rent. Does his money go to the tribe? It goes from Tetlin's land to HIS hand. Another sweetheart deal, for someone, but not for Tetlin.

Tetlin is in trouble. Since 2008 controlling, self-serving, Tetlin-law breaking, Council members have welcomed these strangers to come to Tetlin and fill their BUCKETS FULL of HONEY (gold) while all Tetlin members have are HONEY BUCKETS. All it took was keeping the membership in the dark and confused and a Council leader willing to sell out his Tribe for his own personal gain.

Who of Tetlin and their family, drives the newest of vehicles, boats, snow machines and campers? Our Council members.

Who has the most to LOSE when they are pulled down from their throne of leadership? Our Council members (not all, just a few).

And who has the most to GAIN when these false leaders are removed from the Council? The TETLIN TRIBE… because there are BETTER PEOPLE READY to take the lead and do better things for the Native Village of Tetlin.

Tetlin tribal Members



It House Cleaning Time.


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