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TNCorp Board sponsored Shareholder Gathering.

FAST EDDY's Pizzas were perfect. May 20th, 2017

Missing Shareholders

Please help locate our missing shareholders:

If you have family or friends on our list below, please ask them to contact us at (907) 280-9498. They will need to provide their legal name, mailing address, and phone number (this information can be left on the message center... please speak slowly and clearly).


Forms can be mailed to you or downloaded from one of the "Shareholder Forms" link provided on this page. Particular forms needed will be:




Adams, Wilfred

Baker, Tina Marie

David, Darrell William

David, Jr., Roy

Gene, Floyd

Gene, Wesley

Isaac, Jr., Jerry

John, Gary

Sam-Gene, Caroline

Sam, Scott



Shareholder Forms


The following forms are provided to help TNCorp Shareholders assure their information is current.


Forward all forms by mail, email, or fax to...


Email:  admin@tetlincorp.com

Fax:     (888) 898-1176

Mail:    TNCorp Shareholder Office
            P. O. Box 657
            Tok, AK   99780


TNCorp Update Form - Use this form to update personal and family information for marriage, divorce, children, deaths etc.

Request for Replacement Certificate - Use this form if a Certificate of Shares has been lost, mutilated or destroyed.

Personal Representative Form A personal representative (similar to an executor of an estate) uses this form to authorize TNCorp to transfer share ownership as stated in a will.

Share Transfer Form Adult - An adult will use this form to claim ownership of shares.

TNCorp Share Form Minor - A parent, legal guardian or custodian uses this form to claim interest to shares on behalf of a minor.

Recipient Form - Use this form to provide Information about the person receiving shares and information identifying shares being transferred.

Personal Information Change Form - Use this form to update shareholder name, mailing address, phone, and/or email address.

Testamentary - This form is very similar to a "last will and testament" except it covers only your shares.


TNCorp Bylaws



"Sec. 2­II: Upon the death of the shareholder, ownership of shares shall be transferred in accordance with the last will and testament (which may be the testamentary disposition on the reverse of this certificate, under Alaska Law) or under the applicable laws of intestacy; provided, however, that in the event the deceased shareholder fails to dispose of their shares by will and has no heirs under the applicable laws of intestacy, shares will escheat to the corporation and thereafter be held as treasury shares."